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The Story of LeClaire

The Story of LeClaire

Like all the best things, LeClaire started small. In the mid 1830s, the first settlers platted along the riverbank and by the end of the decade, two towns merged together to create the beginnings of the LeClaire we know today. Its strategic location was of major importance to the community at the head of a 15 mile stretch of rock-strewn water called the Upper Rapids.

The Mississippi River always played a commanding role in the success of our river town. Beyond the stone quarries and brickyards, our early industries included milling and river work. In particular, the Cody Road Historic District holds significance in its architecture and area history. The 9-block area encompasses a rich history showcasing the mid to late 19th century building style–from simple utilitarian to blue collar dwellings and even examples of upper middle class-styled construction. All of these vibes stem from people and activities taking place around the mid-1800s as LeClaire bustled with industry and commerce.

Today, nearly 60 structures compose the Cody Road District in LeClaire which contains residential and commercial spaces to include incredible restaurants, amazing events, and unique boutique shopping like Grasshoppers Gift Shop! A quaint river town nestled along the Mississippi packs amazing flavors and memorable experiences into a convenient, comforting area.

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